Turn your site into a lead generating machine

Your website is your shop window but many small business fail to pay attention to what potential customers do there or how that activity can be turned into leads and revenue.


​​​​We’ve been discussing digital marketing with so many different types of companies and marketers, we’ve been hearing the same thing from a lot of different people: they are not sure where to begin and are overwhelmed by the different choices available to them.

Small businesses and startups know that their site is a massive shop window to develop their business. But we were often surprised at how few were looking at what was happening on there or how their website could generate turnover for them.

Pandemic, what pandemic?

We’re not going to mention the dreaded ‘C’ word, but it clearly led some companies to think again about their digital strategy and many CEO’s and marketers realised the most important thing was to get eyes on their website activity and ways to start getting their visitors to engage online.

We’re One, but we’re not the same

Anyone who knows Plezi will know that we’ve been discussing everything from digital marketing, B2B strategies, inbound marketing, SEO and a fair bit of marketing automation. We are champions for the idea that your greatest power is your website, and the best leads are the ones that come to you.

But as we had a fairly complete software allowing more sophisticated sites to attract traffic and follow every step of a lead’s journey, from visitor to customer, we know that there were some marketers who could not come all the way with us.

This is about you

And this is exactly what Plezi One is for – our new freemium tool to transform your site into a lead machine. No need to concentrate your efforts on outbound. No need to spend money on ads for new business. No need to spend all day on social, pretending to be nice. This is about your website. The fundamental part of your brand and the one thing you are in complete control of.

A way to make your site into a lead machine

So, if you’re a first-timer, a new startup, a small business with limited resources, if you’re a company that has started to push out on social media, maybe some paid and SEO, it is time to make the most of your most valuable resource – your website. Just as a shop owner can see what is happening in their shop, so you should be able to understand what is happening on your website.

To try and help out smaller companies, today, we are unveiling Plezi One. A new, free software to help smaller companies generate leads from their site. You can transform visitors to leads with our forms and automated messages. Understand what pages leads are looking at on your site and how it changes week by week with our dashboards.

Lay the groundwork for lead generation

Most B2B marketers want (or need) to create leads for their sales team. By creating forms on your site, you are able to understand who your leads are and you also begin a conversation with your website visitors.

Plezi One links forms with every piece of content you put onto your site, meaning you can tailor make your forms to the type of page or content you are creating. It’s more engaging, more intuitive and it will know who your leads are and where they are in the buying process. Once you have converted leads, you can follow up with personalised emails giving them access to your content.

Understand how your website performs

Then we come to the real analysis of your site. You will be able to see how each lead is interacting with your site, what they looked at, what their interests are and how they got to your site. Drive down into the detail to really understand what people are looking at and what works wells for you.

More – if you spend your time on Google Analytics and Google Search Console (but don’t dare admit you’re not sure what it means) we give you a clear and concise overview.

You can see everything that is happening on your site for a given period, with the number of visitors and marketing leads, as well as a visual graph of your conversion funnel to see how many customers have brought you the marketing.

You even have SEO tips, showing you keywords and ranking so you can improve each week.

Is it really for free?

Yes… but… shhhh. It’s not really out. In fact, we’re in beta tester mode and we only have 100 seats available. We’ll fully open up later in the year, but we want you to be part of it.

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