Are you making the most of the latest Google Ad features?

Google has released a number of new updates and features that improve the performance of lead generation campaigns and help to connect online and offline.


Search Laboratory look at Google Ad's new features to improve lead generation performance.

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The modern customer journey is not a straightforward one, and many consumers will research a brand across several channels before deciding to purchase.

Offline sales section updates

Google have implemented updates to improve their offline sales section, helping brands to deliver and measure their in-store sales through online activity.

Here are some of the new updates Google has introduced:

  • Local campaigns can now be optimised towards calls and directions

  • Retailers on Google My Business can now add health-related service attributes

  • Local inventory ads are now available for product collections that have future availability

  • Smart bidding optimisation for in-store sales

  • Large chains can now set up locations without having to connect Google Ads and Google My Business

You can find more detail about the latest Google Ads and Google My Business updates and how they help to improve the connection between offline and online, here.

Lead generation updates

Here are the latest Google updates designed to benefit your lead generation campaigns:

  • Lead Form Extensions launching across Search, YouTube and Discovery ad units, and Display launching later this year

  • Offline conversion tracking

  • Customer Match improvements - traffic light system to highlight how good your match rate is, and how it compares to other advertisers

Zapier integration

Find out more information about these Google Ads updates and products and how they help to improve the performance of lead generation campaigns, here.

These updates from Google make it easier to for brands to optimise their digital strategy to increase in-store sales, as well as improve campaign performance, allowing for a more data-driven approach to lead generation.

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