How to use AI for better marketing: free whitepaper from Persado

With more and more marketers using data to drive advertising campaigns, the idea of relying on artificial intelligence (AI) to improve how a brand talks to its customers isn’t as strange as it might once have sounded.


The report explores how mastering deep learning can ensure you develop closer relationships with your customers

As many as 85% of CMOs recognise their organisations’ future business success relies on creativity and memorable ideas to build a brand and create an emotional connection with consumers, according to a recent survey from the Dentsu Aegis Network. Yet just 54% of the same CMOs trust in their personnel to deliver this.

Therefore, properly utilising AI marketing, which is able to use machine learning to deeply understand what a consumer wants and analyse data to ensure a campaign is contextually relevant, just makes good business sense.

This new whitepaper from Persado will teach you how to implement AI within your organization and use machine learning to create far more successful marketing campaigns. It highlights how so many CMOs currently rely on guesswork to drive results, and shows how properly implementing AI will allow marketers to be led by more objective, data-driven insights.

It also teaches marketers how to get out of the regressive way of looking at AI as a hindrance rather than a help. In many cases, an AI agent can create more engaging personalised web copy, email subject lines, social media ads and headlines than a human writer can, and by offloading these tasks and using AI as a collaborative tool, a CMO will free up their team of marketers to spend more time to do what they do best: being creative.

Diving deep into the scientific process that underpins how AI works, this guide explains how natural language processing (NLP) can revolutionise how brands talk to consumers and ensure they’re only using the right words to heighten their interest in a product or brand. It also shows how a marketing business can use AI to improve in areas such as copywriting, with it now possible to use linguistic science, machine learning, and natural language generation to guide the art of copywriting in a scientific way to create messages that are as relevant as possible.

The whitepaper includes case studies and easy-to-follow advice from marketing professionals. Each explores the deep learning AI is capable of, particularly around facial and voice recognition, and how mastering these areas can ensure you develop closer relationships with your customers.

“At the moment marketers talk to customers without properly listening to their responses,” says Assaf Baciu, Persado’s Co-founder and SVP of Product and Engineering, “but AI changes this dynamic and allows marketers to listen to their customers and respond in a way that is appropriate and effective for the conversation and the moment.”

He adds:” AI is the only way to do this because CMOs need computational power, memory, and the algorithms to choose the right words, adjust the words, and react to what customers actually respond to. That’s how they can propel their brands into the future, and this whitepaper will show how AI marketing can take a brand to the next level.”

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