Ikea launches £0 'Lagom Collection' - an upcycle cheat sheet on sustainable living

Ikea is encouraging the nation to live healthier and more sustainably by taking a leaf out of the book of 'Lagom.'



Ikea campaign encourages people to have 'just the perfect amount'


'Lagom' essentially means to not use too much and not use too little - but just the perfect amount.

According to the Swedish philosophy, there are three ways of living 'Lagom' - grow your own, waste reduction and home efficiency.

As part of its ambition to inspire the nation to live a more sustainable life at home, Ikea has launched a 'Lagom' collection - a range filled with ideas, inspirations and tips.

The range offers upcycling ideas, presented in the form of new products in the Ikea range on its website.

From reusing its plastic bag as a picnic blanket to repurposing a cake tray as a planter, the website contains lots of ideas to encourage customers to think before they open their purse strings.

Campaign activity will continue over the next three months across all channels and customers visiting stores across the country will be treated to the Better Living Event: a three-day in-store experience designed to educate and inspire as many people as possible to live a more sustainable life at home.

Discussing the latest collection, Ikea UK & Ireland's CRM leader Iain Neal said: “Whilst most people recognise that climate change is happening, many don’t connect with it personally or emotionally and we wanted to address that head-on.

"Through initiatives we have run for years, such as our Live Lagom ambassador programme, we know that when engaged, people see how easy living more sustainably can be."

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