Kohl’s asks Facebook to find trendy digital brands to put in stores

US department store chain Kohl’s has partnered with Facebook in an initiative to find digital brands a bricks and mortar retail presence.


Kohl’s asks Facebook to find trendy digital brands for store display

Designed to encourage more millenialsthrough its doors, the tie-up will provide niche brands which have built a loyal following on Instagram and Facebook the opportunity to take floor space alongside more established clothing and homeware brands.

The partnership will see Facebook sift through a range of on-trend products and up and coming brands which will then appear in-store as an exclusive ‘Curated by Kohl’s’ collection.

In return Kohl’s will pay an unspecified sum to Facebook for its trouble in sourcing hit merchandise.

Lingerie brand Adore Me, plus-size clothing brand Dia & Co and Kid Made Modern arts and crafts are among the first brands to benefit.

Faced with a rapidly evolving retail climate Kohl’s has sought to keep pace by embracing digital stores rather than fight them, a strategy which has seen it accept Amazon customer returns at all 1,100 of its stores.

This amalgam of of physical and digital trading recently reached its zenith with the 'phygital' mall in Funan, Singapore.

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