Leadership Lessons: Rob Pierre, chief executive of Jellyfish Group on managing teams internationally

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Leadership Lessons: Rob Pierre, chief executive of Jellyfish

The latest episode of The Drum's Leadership Lessons podcast features Rob Pierre, the chief executive of digital marketing business, Jellyfish Group who talks about managing teams across 25 countries.

Pierre reveals that his growing business currently employs around 780 people across various territories including several states of America, the UK, APAC and Europe but predicts it will grow to be over 1,000 people in the coming months.

"Leadership is about providing a vision and a strategy that everyone can get behind as well as values," he explains when asked what leadership means to him. "It's more about what is the actual vision and the strategy we are trying to achieve that will get everyone into formation and they know that they can actually provide that capability in the team formation to achieve the desired goal."

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