Needed: high-quality human resources

The shortages and uneven quality of human resources are among major difficulties faced by support industry enterprises.

Multi-shelf trolley production

Multi-shelf trolley production

Recruitment difficulties

Cao Van Binh, Director of the Industrial Development Center of the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Agency for Regional Industry and Trade (ARIT), said supporting industry enterprises have encountered difficulties in finding skilled workforces.

They need human resources with the ability to learn and adapt to rapid changes in production processes, but finding out and maintaining such qualified workforce remains a challenge for them, he said.

Le Quy Thanh, Director of TOMECO An Khang Factory, said supporting industries are among highly chainable, systematic and professional sectors, so supporting industry workforces need to have a good understanding of standards, systems and processes, including widely used standards, such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, etc., apart from technical knowledge.

Dr. Kieu Xuan Thuc, Rector of the Hanoi University of Industry, affirmed that high-quality human resources are key to the development of the industrial sector in general and supporting industries in particular.

Policies, strategies, plans and programs to develop high-quality human resources for supporting industries need to offer not only preferential taxes, but also other incentives, Thuc said.

Workforce development

The Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Industrial Agency has assigned the Industrial Development Center to kicking off business support programs to assist enterprises in workforce training and development.

The Center has collaborated with international organizations and multinational corporations to organize several training programs in order to improve the quality of human resources in key technology industries, including supporting industries. The Center is also working with the Hanoi University of Industry, Hanoi University of Technology, Irrigation University, and the University of Transportation to develop human resource training programs for supporting industries.

Dr. Kieu Xuan Thuc said he believes that these efforts, in addition to stronger cooperation between employers and training centers, will help ease the shortages of high-quality human resources faced by enterprises.

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