Unilever is taking its ethical ad tech trials to Instagram

Unilever has been trialing ‘ethical ad tech’ where people who watch video ads online can pick a charity to donate the 50% of the ad revenue to. Now, it’s taking that same technology to Instagram.


It has already experimented with its brands like Knorr and Lynx, which have run their ads through the technology – created by Good Loop – on traditional publisher sites.

But FMCG-giant is claiming a first on the Facebook-owned image sharing platform Instagram where its Dove brand will run a series of ads within Instagram Stories. Every time someone watches to the end they will be presented with a swipe up link where Unilever will make a donation to either the United Nations’ ‘UN Women’ body or the local Dove Self-Esteem Project.

It comes as part of its new campaign, launched last week, to spread the message that there is no normal when it comes to how underarms look.

“The extension of our Unilever partnership to the Instagram environment is hugely exciting, not least because it’s testament to our ability to connect charitable donations with digital advertising at scale,” said Amy Williams, co-founder and chief executive of Good-Loop.

“Good-Loop is all about harnessing the power of doing good to make advertising more impactful for the brand and more positive for the consumer – and we’re so excited to be breaking new ground alongside Instagram and Unilever”.

Three-year-old Good-Loop said advertisers that use its tech see near-double engagement rates for their ads. To date, it’s raised over £0.5m for charity to date and is on target to reach £5m by 2022.

The Co-operative Bank recently embraced the technology through its media agency Hearts and Science, which said if it delivers would be rolled out to other clients.

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