Viet Nam strives for 43 - 43.5 million tons of rice

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh has requested relevant ministries, localities and national food corporations to ensure national food security in all situations and promote sustainable rice production and export.

Viet Nam strives for 43 - 43.5 million tons of rice - Ảnh 1.

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In a recent directive, the Government chief tasked subbordinate levels to keep a close watch on market developments and make an in-depth analysis of the impact of market fluctuations to promptly come up with response plans, stabilize the domestic rice market and crack down on illegal profiteering that intentionally destabilizes the market and reputation of Vietnamese rice.

The move came as rice costs have skyrocketed in the global market in recent times after India, Russia and the United Arab Emirates issued a ban or a cut on rice exports.

Hoang Trung, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development said Viet Nam has 7.1 million hectares of rice cultivation, large enough to churn out between 43 - 43.5 million tons of rice paddy, meeting demand for domestic consumption and export.

Specifically, 15 million tons will be available for 100 million people, 9.5 million tons for processing, 1 million tons for breeding, and 2.5 million tons for national reserves.

About 7-7.5 million tons of rice will be for export./.   

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