Vietnamese fishing association opposes China’s fishing ban in East Sea

The Viet Nam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS) has voiced its objection against China’s unilateral fishing ban in the East Sea in 2023 and demands China immediately end this ungrounded ban.

Vietnamese fishing association opposes China’s fishing ban in East Sea - Ảnh 1.

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VINAFIS raised its voice in response to China's impostion of annual fishing ban applicable from May 1 to August 16 this year, on an area including Viet Nam’s Hoang Sa (Paracels) in the East Sea.

VINAFIS said the above fishing ban seriously violated Viet Nam's maritime sovereignty, rights and interests, and infringed international law, including the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea, and run counter to the Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the East Sea (DOC), to which Viet Nam and China are signatories.

The society held that such a long fishing ban will hamper normal activities of Vietnamese fishing vessels and fishermen in the waters under Viet Nam's sovereignty. 

Therefore, this groundless ban will increase the risk of encounters between vessels of Vietnamese fishermen and the coast guard force of China and, at the same time, negatively affect the fisheries sector and fishermen’s way to earn their living.

VINAFIS called on relevant authorities to make strong objections and take drastic actions to prevent the ban in order to protect Viet Nam’s marine resources, ensure safety for Vietnamese fishermen when they work in the waters of Viet Nam's sovereignty, soverign right, and jurisdiction, and firmly safeguard security, defense, and sea and island sovereignty of the country. 

Earlier on April 20, Deputy spokesperson of the Foreign Ministry Doan Khac Viet said that the "fishing ban" imposed by China in the East Sea violates Viet Nam’s sovereignty over Hoang Sa (Paracel) as well as its sovereign rights and jurisdiction over the waters and exclusive economic zone defined in accordance with the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea.

Viet Nam demands China respect Viet Nam's sovereignty over Hoang Sa, sovereign rights and jurisdiction over its maritime zones, and do not complicate the situation, contributing to maintaining peace and stability in the East Sea, he said./. 

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