Vietnamese technology firms provide digital transformation solutions

Vietnamese technology enterprises have developed and accessed new technologies to solve the problems encountered by domestic organizations and businesses in applying information technology (IT), while promoting their role in the country’s digital transformation.

Smart EVN, developed by the Electricity Vietnam’s Information and Communication Technology Company (EVNICT), was recently presented the 2022 Sao Khue Award by the Vietnam Software Association (VINASA) for organizational and corporate management and governance.

vietnamese technology firms provide digital transformation solutions

Smart EVN, developed by EVNICT, was recently presented the 2022 Sao Khue Award by VINASA

Smart EVN was developed to serve internal company governance by connecting with its internal systems to provide employees with information, improving work efficiency and productivity, building a number of additional modules on EVN's internal information systems to ensure that when integrated with Smart EVN, they will provide complete features on mobile devices and web platforms.

With two versions for mobile app and web, Smart EVN integrates main modules such as correspondence, documents, work timesheets, scoring, income, travel register, personnel, training, weekly work schedule, and medical care, among others.

Smart EVN helps save costs of printing, document storage, administration, operation, and software support, and saving time in implementing processes, searching and processing information, thereby improving labor productivity.

Smart EVN software has solved the challenge of integrating basic systems of EVN's business administration and allowed declaration of integration and expansion of other applications such as communications, Digital Office, HMRS, office utilities, EVNPortal, notifications, authentication identifiers, centralized digital signature, mobile app, portal web app, etc.

vietnamese technology firms provide digital transformation solutions

Smart EVN software has solved the challenge of integrating basic systems of EVN's business administration

Another outstanding Vietnamese product is WEONE developed by FSI, an automated business administration and management system providing a comprehensive remote management and administration solution from personnel to workflow. With WEONE, businesses can save time, reduce costs and unnecessary administrative procedures, and control the operation of the whole system easily to meet the requirements of both managers and employees during remote work.

FPT EagleEye mSOC, developed by the FPT Group, is a comprehensive security monitoring and analysis service exclusively for customers seeking to build and run a cybersecurity operations center. mSOC offers advantages such as integration with the world's leading security solutions, high automation, rapid deployment, easy expansion and upgrade, and 24/7 support.

FPT EagleEye mSOC helps minimize damage caused by malicious codes or targeted attacks, reducing costs by up to 80 percent, two months of incident investigation/year and 80 percent of security personnel.

VINASA Chair Nguyen Van Khoa believes Vietnamese technology enterprises have quickly accessed new technologies, while digital ecosystems are gradually being formed for industries and economic sectors, demonstrating the synchronous nature of relations between technology business and the government in the development of Vietnam’s digital economy, society and government.

The information and communication technology (ICT) industry earned revenue of US$136.153 billion in 2021, up US$11.475 billion from US$124.678 billion in 2020. Vietnam will be shifting from outsourcing and assembly to the “Make in Vietnam” model – designing and making Vietnamese brands in the country.

Vietnam is home to 64,000 digital technology enterprises (5,600 more than in 2020), providing almost 1,000 Vietnamese ICT products and services and generating revenue of US$18.779 billion. The Vietnamese value accounts for 24.65 percent of the industry’s total revenue, a significant increase compared to previous years.

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